Greenwich cavern
Jacques Brel cover... In English !
Kids of Maths
Live !
Patrick Fiori.
The Show Must Go On !
Mick Jaeger
Producer of the James Brown biopic :"Get on up!"
Performs the song "Populaire"
Farruquito y familia
Flamenca danse artist on DVD...
Cate Blanchett
The embodiment of Galadriel, Elizabeth I, Katharine Hepburn and... Bob Dylan !
Liam Neeson
Hommage in Deauville Film Festival
Naomi Watts
The actress of King Kong, Mulholland Drive and 21 grams
Louis Bertignac
In concert at Parc de Sceaux
Danny Glover
The actor of "Leathal Weapon" and "The Color Purple"
Christophe Willem
and 2000 Chorists
Nolwenn Leroy
Concert for APAJH
Marina d'Amico
Pablo Villafranca et Pedro Alves
Conducted by Jacky Locks
John McTiernan
The political speech from the director of "The Hunt for Red October" and "Die Hard"
Alex Hepburn
David Guetta
Mini Clubman event
2000 Choristes 2011
"The Amazing History of Musicals"
FISE 2012
DIRT Final
Alison Janney
with Emma Stone and "The Help" cast.
The Bill Murray
He overcame the Bibendum chamallow !
The Pinball Wizard....
Christophe Maé
Sings "On s'attache"
Ben L'oncle Soul
Outdoor concert !
Will Ferrell
His hilarious descent at the 2014 American Film Festival !
Perfect Hand Crew
Les Inrocks Labs Contest Winners
Mario Van Peebles
American Film Festival 2012
Mickaël Miro
Sings "La vie simplement"
FISE 2012
Roller Final with on-board camera
Chiméne Badi
SCovers Piaf's "Hymne à l'Amour"
Hair Show
Filippo Sepe
William Sheller
Performs "Un homme heureux", "Symphoman", "Un vieux Rock n' Roll"...

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