Se7en Green Bottles (2020)


"Se7en Green Bottles"


Le défi du rade - affiche


"Se7en Green Bottles" is a film written by Mick Dow that he co-directed with François Zaïdi


The film was shot in London during the England confinement, in early june 2020, so no cast or crew actually met face to face...


It is a political thriller with a 6 minutes duration.


After their first meet in early 2019 at a US festival, Mick came up with the project and contacted François Zaïdi to get him onboard.


Gigowatt Film co-produces the film with Mick's company: Rubber Duck Productions.



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Bande Annonce

Se7en Green Bottles


Produit par Gigowatt Film

Ecrit par Mick Dow

Réalisé par Mick DOw et François Zaïdi

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