Tri Yann


Groupe Sans Gain concert at Olympia


Groupe Sans Gain celebrated their 50th birsday in the famed Olympia venue, performing with Tri Yann and Carlos Nuñez the best of Celtic music.


Gigowatt Film took charge of the live switching, as well as the post-production process and DVD authoring.


Many thanks to Jean Paul Milion and à Angelique Attali. The DVD can be bought here : DVD Groupe Sans Gain


Cameramen :Bruno Debray, Marie Goujon , Khaled Aguelmous, Baptiste Merlin. Crane operator : Eric Ebstein. Vision Engineer : Matthieu Litique.

Directed by François Zaïdi


Tri Yann

"Pelot d'Hennebont"

at Olympia

Produced by Le Groupe Sans Gain

DVD edition - MAI Production - Audiovisuel Solutions

Directed by François Zaïdi - 4 caméras et 1 crane.

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