Video and audio editing, grading, compositing, authoring...




Gigowatt Film is equipped with powerful workstations for editing and grading.

A dedicated studio, a showroom with a big screen and a speaker cabin are under construction (end of 2015).


Ingest et Workflow

Depending of the codec used during production, we choose the best workflow possible using either native of intermediate codec. We can process all industry standard files including prores, r3d, dnxhd, raw, dng, h264, shq2...


For fiction and clip work, we are using Da Vinci Resolve from raw or log based files. As for multicam, the pictures are graded live by the vision engineer or DIT. Since broadcast TV colorspace is often REC709, we are using various tools inside the NLE to match perfectly each cut.



For fiction and corporate films,our editing process is mostly based on our previz. We then implement other rushes, crafting alternates edits to explore other possibilities. When a previz is not possible (docs, reports, rushes already shot...), we discuss the editorial line with our customers to create the right film. Our many years of experience enable us to be both efficient and demanding. Rhythm and care are essential components of our audiovisual products.


Compositing and Special effects

Some shots may need obvious or hidden special effects, or other visual elements. We strive to create those shots to our production to achieve seamless integration. We are keen on creating original titles and well-crafted visuals.


From H264 encoding for web video plateforms to DCP for cinema viewing, Gigowatt Film can deliver your product in any format. We can author DVD and Blurays. We believe that our precise knowledge of compression methods, containers, colorspaces, video and computer science in general makes a difference. And passion too...





Filago - "Salty Rose"


Disquaire Day 2014

Produced by Filago. Directed by François Zaïdi

Post produced by Gigowatt Film

Filmed with 4 DSLRs, 4 smartphones and 1 steadycam !

NL France - Best Of


December 2012

Produced by NL France

Directed and edited by François Zaïdi

La Tour Montparnasse



Produced by Blue Mango

Directed by Tiphaine Massy et Franck Chapin

Mini Clubman



Produced by Ludéric

Filmed by Marc Paris

Edited by François Zaïdi

Backstage with the 2000 Chorists



Produced by Résonnances Lorraines

MAI Productions and Audiovisuel Solutions

Directed by François Zaïdi

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