Film Shoots


The newest Gigowatt Film activity lies in the shooting of fiction work, documentaries, clips corporate films and add spots.

We are striving at producing our own fiction films, but also to help and support others in their own creative and artistic works.



 We believe that much though :


At the beginning, you have to rack our brain to find the right way to tell the story.



"Write, write and write again. Then develop, exchange, and build with our customers. Then write some more."



We work a lot on paper at the early stage of any project.

Once the script has been mostly defined, we are making a previz (it's like an animated storyboard) to have the feel of what the film is going to be like rhythmically and stylistically at a small cost.




Once we like our previz, we go to the next stage of preproduction : Preparation.

We brak down the script and previz to determine :


  • the number of talents
  • shooting locations
  • props
  • shot list
  • schedule
  • budget


Then we choose the right workforce force the project amidst our pool of technicians, and organise castings for talents.



"Gather the right professionals that match the project"


On the technical side, we can use every camera on the market, wether HD, UHD or 4K, from GH4 to Alexa, from sony F5/FS7 to BMD 4K cameras, depending on the look we want and the budget we have.

In any case, we like to work RAW or DNG whenever possible, or LOG. Thoses workflows, though heavy, are offering a flexibility and lattitude matching no other methods. Forget about H264 or mpg flavors in shooting.



The Shooting

With our professional, yet friendly crew, our shoots aim at getting the best lighting, framing and sound possible. We are working LUTs to wisiwig our work.


"A well thought preparation is the number one component of a succesful shoot"



Whenever possible, we love to shot a scene with multiple camera. Our live multicam background plays a role here. It means reduced shooting days, authentic rhythme for the talents and perfect matching cuts.


We will soon be able to show you our work here !



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