Multicamera live shoot


A concert, live show or sport event ?



Multicam shoot is our core activity.



We are live camera directing specialists for TV or web broadcast, DVD and bluray distribution, or onsite displays. Our area of expertise encompasses not only music, live show, sport events, theatre, circus and dance performances, but also embraces corporate communication like press event, product reveal, and business networking.

Our technical knoledge enables us to choose the best resources and tools for your project and budget (production truck, flight cases gear, onsite video booth...) and to propose reliable solutions, using the best practices of the industry. (Want to get more technical ?)

From directors to cameramen and best boys to vision engineers, our staff is composed of trained freelancers with a highly evolved team spirit and love of their craft.


Discover our Portfolio. 




Christophe Willem and Patrick Fiori


"Medley Jean-Jacques Goldman"

Produced by Résonances Lorraines and MAI Production

DVD edition

Directed and postproduced by Gigowatt Film

Louis Bertignac


May 2014

Produced by Nutella and La Franco Américaine Image

Live concert with audience

Directed by François Zaïdi - 6 cameras et 2 PT heads

18th FISE


BMX Park final - Montpellier

Produced by FISE et Puzzle Média

Live TV broadcast: IMG (world) and MCS (France)

Directed by F. Zaïdi - 4 wireless cams and a crane

Curtis Harding

"Keep on shining"

Mars 2015

Produit par Arte Concert et Jade Productions

Concert en direct et en public.

Réalisé par François Zaïdi - 5 caméras

John McTiernan


2014 American Film Festival

Produced by Le Public System Cinéma

Live captation with audience

Directed with 2 cameras and 2 PT heads

Carlos Nuñez


"Ravel's Boléro" - Live at Olympia

Produced by Le Groupe Sans Gain

DVD Edition - MAI Production - Audiovisuel Solution

Directed by François Zaïdi - 4 caméras et 1 crane

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