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Terms of use



Foreword :

Gigowatt Film company, located at Le Moulin Sillon, 02310 Montreuil aux Lions , and registered to Soissons RCS under n° 798468589 00017, proposes a website, accessible on the world wide web at the following adress : (hereafter « Gigowatt Film » or« the site »).


Website :
Gigowattfilm website is a private plateform that aims uniquely to showcase the company's experience and capabilities in the audiovisual field. It is dedicated to both natural and legal person or authority that want to know more about our work for live shoots, filming and post production area.

The site is here mainly to propose a portfolio or showreel of its directors. No sale or direct benefit is gained by Gigowatt Film with its website and specifically the display of its films or videos. Most videos that are on the site have been directed by directors under contract with Gigowatt Film. When not the case, the directors name is displayed as well as a weblink to the director's website or production's.

The production is always mentioned near the vidéo frame.

The directors gave their permission to see their films or videos on Gigowatt Film website.

Feel free to contact us for any question.


Private area (vault) :

Gigowattfilm gives its customers a set of tools and fonctionnalities to watch, comment and exchange films and footage on its website.

The access and use of the site's fonctionality directly implies your acceptance without reserve of these term of use. You cannot upload a content that you do not own.

Furthermore, the videos on the private vault are, as such, private, and will not be shared publicly while they are being developped.

Gigowatt Film can not be blamed for a loss of data uploaded by a customer. It is designed to be a cloud or any data backup entity.

Gigowatt Film hosts its own content on a private server (1&1)



The present Term of use are submitted to French law.
Any problem on the validity, interpretation or execution of these Term of use - if no amicable resolution is found between Gigowatt Film and the customers or viewers - will be on the hand of the competent legal court of Soissons cour d'appel.

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